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walk across the stage in graduation. dr. king, the guy who got me engaged in politics as dennis and others will tell you, was assassinated earlier in that year. even had the assassination attempt at george wallla. when i look back at '68, it's a wonder things held together, quite frankly. well, the congress passed what was then called the gun control act. and among other things it said that felons, fugitives, drug users, those who have been adjudicated and did not a politically correct phrase now but in the law -- those who have been adjudicated mentally defective, is what the law says, cannot lawfully own a gun. then in 1994, as the world exchanged the country changed, we added new category of people who were prohibited from purchasing guns, based on facts, not based of fiction, not based on presidents, and that is those who had a restaining -- restraining order issued against them in a domestic violence incident. that was a fight to get that enacted. then two years later we expand the list to anyone convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence crime because there was in history
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1